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Bronze sculpture in the University of Tsukuba 1985-2018, 6th November – 22nd December 2018

Art and Design Gallery 2F Exhibition

The bronze sculpture expression at the University of Tsukuba 1985-2018

This exhibition is a series of bronze works produced by Prof. Yoshitaka Nakamura, a retired art professor who is retiring in this year, from 1985 to 2018, in the University of Tsukuba Art sculpture course and in the field of graduation and completion research and teaching and teaching. The effort to convert the prototype produced by plastic to a bronze material by the students ‘ own hands is unusual at art universities nationwide, and it is rare to make a life-size bronze production especially in graduation and completion work.

At the University of Tsukuba, there are students who challenge life-size bronze statues almost every year, and there have been various bronze representations, such as creating abstract forms as well as human images, and trying to create a combination of different materials.

The works exhibited at this venue are only some of the bronze works that the students have been making, but the characteristics of the University of Tsukuba’s sculpture are well presented, making it a well-known exhibition of students ‘ activities during their 33-year tenure.